There are a great deal of bands in the world and subsequently a great many band bios. The vast majority contain obscure, somewhat elaborated and largely irrelevant information about a band who may, or may not deserve to have it read. Elysium Shift on the contrary have a great deal to be proud of. No need for ostentatious rhetoric here, just hard, plain facts;

• 18 years of creativity, musical evolution, skill development and friendship
• A super-tight and incendiary live show regardless of venue, city or country
• Accessible, memorable and above all else utterly enjoyable, blisteringly hot metal .
• A loyal, passionate and sizeable fan base, amassed through hard work, nationwide gigs and the love of live music.

Elysium Shift. Four Midlands based balls out tactical sonic specialists with pedigree, integrity and massive knackers.

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